Concluding Project Conference to Focus on Public Education About Preventing Climate Change, Norway’s Experience in this Area

The concluding conference for a project aimed at preparing educational programmes for professionals about preventing climate change and reducing hothouse gases by using renewable energy resources will be held at the European Union House in Rīga on April 28, with participation by representatives of the Latvian Renewable Energy Federation (LAEF) and their partners from the Norsk Energi company in Norway.


Seminar Held on Baltic Climate Policies, Prevention of Climate Change by Using Renewable Resources

A conference and seminar on Baltic climate policies and the prevention of climate change through the use of renewable energy resources was held on June 18, 2015, in Rīga at the European Union House. 


Opening Conference on Ways of Educating the Public About Preventing Climate Change

A conference was held at the European Union House in Rīga on June 3, 2015, to talk about how to educate the public about ways of preventing climate change. It was opened by the deputy state secretary for environmental protection from the Ministry for Environmental Protection and Regional development, Alda Ozola, followed by an advisor to the Norwegian Embassy in Rīga on the issue of EEA/Norway Grants business issues, Agnese Cimdiņa.